Why set up a Dubai company? – On benefits to have a Dubai company
发布日期:2019-10-05 03:10

Why set up a Dubai company? – On benefits to have a Dubai company

To many people, why a Dubai company is the first question coming to them when asked to consider setting up a company in Dubai. Objectively speaking, the benefits of a Dubai company are numerous, and different people can seek different things from a Dubai company. Based on its experience in helping clients to set up in Dubai, Polaris in this article is trying to give a few reasons most people have for setting up in Dubai.

First, the fiscal and tax policy. UAE, including Dubai, possesses unique tax and fiscal policy. This was even clearer if you know that before January 1st 2018 when Dubai impose a 5% VAT on the local consumption and services, there was 0 taxes for most companies operating in Dubai. Because of this, UAE was always on the top of the lists compiled by various international organizations in terms of the least tax burden countries in the world.  Because of the same reason of “nearly 0 tax” nowadays, many companies doing cross-border business are using Dubai as an indispensable part of their global tax planning.

Second, its incomparable business environment. “Whatever good for merchants are good for Dubai”, that is a famous quote from the ruler of Dubai, and this business-friendly environment continue until now. Every year, Dubai government introduces a lot of policy to attract more foreign investment, and how to make it easier for foreign investors to do business in Dubai. The recent introduction of Gold Visa (10-year renewable residency) is one of these kinds of policies following this idea.

Third, Dubai is the trading hub for the Middle East and Africa. One can easily tell from different statistics of different sources that UAE, especially Dubai, is the trading bub for the Middle East and Africa. And most Fortune Global 500 companies choose Dubai as their regional center for their operation in this region. Accordingly, Dubai has become a most international city suitable for expatriates to live and work, and the facilities in Dubai are also world class.

Last but certainly not least, the highly developed service industry in Dubai make your doing business easier than in many neighboring counties in this region. In Dubai, you can easily retain professional corporate service providers to set up your company in Dubai, management consulting firms to advise on the development of your business, different law firms to help you to solve different legal issues you may come across in your daily business operation. Don’t look for the lowest prices or the biggest, look for the most cost-effective and most reliable is the only thing you may need to remember when choosing right service providers.